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31.05.-02.06.2019 Pilsen, Lochotín amphitheatre

Organizational regulations and guidelines for visitors Metalfest Open Air:

  1. No money refund is possible once the ticket is paid, it is not possible to exchange the ticket on site. Three day passes and a day tickets are available
  2. The only currency valid within the festival area is CZK (Czech Crown). Money exchange (EUR - CZK) is possible at both ticket offices right next to the festival entrances.
  3. Organizers take no responsibility for any health / personal belongings damages caused during festival.
  4. Children under 12 years of age are allowed into area only when accompanied by an adult.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to bring tape recorders or video cameras to the area! Violation of this rule could be classified as a crime!
  6. Taking photos is allowed only on compact cameras without additional lenses. Only accredited photographers and journalists are allowed to bring professional cameras onto the premises!
  7. Organizer and artists reserve the right to film, video and TV recording of concert shows and festival atmosphere. Visitor recorded for the document may also be published without further notice with no financial compensation.
  8. Ticket forgery is illegal and punished according to the law!
  9. Ticket = wristband. With it you can leave and re-enter the festival area at any anytime. Once you take it off or lose it, you will not be able to re-enter the festival site! All persons without wristband on hand will be immediately taken out!
  10. No dogs or other animals are allowed in festival area!


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