Max and Iggor Cavalera will appear on one stage again!

Metalfest is approaching -

One of the most famous duos in the history of metal, Max and Iggor Cavalera, went on tour last year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary album "Roots" which changed the view of the metal and the general view of it's heaviest genres.

The "Roots" released by the brothers Cavalera's Sepultura in 1984, immediately rocketed the band into the world's extra class. Not that they were not known before. Their 5 previous albums are among the musical jewels but this was quite a different story.

The dream of fans all around the world to hear Max's voice accompanied with Iggor's inimitable drums in the famous "Roots, Bloody Roots" or "Ratamahatta" has come alive last year and now you have a chance to experience it too! So don't miss out!