Metalheads check out the new edition of the festival T-shirts! You will be able to buy them in our merch store during the festival and on after the festival, if there will be any left. There you can also buy other festival merchandise with the Metalfest Open Air design!
We are coming with special VIP tickets to satisfy the fans requests this year. There will be a reserved seating zone right in front of the stage so you can have the best view at all times! The tickets go out in a very limited batch of 15 tickets so you better hurry! You can buy the tickets exclusively on this site!
After the announcement of the festival program, we come with another news.  Those who would like to come to Pilsen only for one day of the festival can now buy one-day tickets! Find the program on this site.You can buy the tickets for Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen (2 - 4 June) for a special price till the end of April on or via the official resellers TicketPortal, Metaltix or FestTicket.
Announcing the line-up of the Metalfest Open Air festival!Metalheads we have the festival program for you! Start planning your time at the Metalfest festival in Pilsen. The festival start on Friday, June 2 and ends on Sunday, June 4!So grab your friends and come enjoy the company, great music and the unique area of the Lochotín amphitheatre! Friday 6/212:00 – 12:45 DALRIADA13:00 – 13:50 NEONFLY14:10 – 15:00 SIRENIA15:20 – 16:20 FIREWIND16:40 – 17:40 PRIMAL FEAR18:00 – 19:10 GOTTHARD19:40 – 21:00 AIRBOURNE21:30 – 23:00 HAMMERFALL ...
Czech crossover metal band MY PULSE has been founded in 1997. It began as a classic local party band and over time developed into its present form of a crossover with Czech lyrics. MY PULSE has 3 studio albums and 2 promo CDs under their belt. Get ready to hear their last release "Vysaj" on Metalfest Open Air!
EMBRYO is Italian band playing fantastic fast paced metal. For those who doesn't know Roberto, Andreas, Simone and Enea yet, a nice surprise awaits. The band comes from the birth city of great musicians like Amati, Stradivarius or Monteverdi. They have been around for 17 years already and have released 4 studio albums. Don't miss the show in Pilsen!Watch the video for "No God Slave" and get ready for the LIVE show...Buy the festival passes on the!
Goteborg metal band around Johannes G. M. Eckerström released a brand new video for the song "New Land" from the latest album »Feathers & Flesh«. The album will be present LIVE this year in Pilsen festival Metalfest Open Air! Do not miss the excellent performance from this crazy Swedes, it will be an experience!Video here...
The most famous brothers in the history of metal - Max and Iggor Cavalera are coming to the Czech republic to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their legendary album "Roots", which changed the view of the metal and the general view of the heaviest genre, with the fans at the Metalfest. The "Roots" released by the brothers Cavalera's Sepultura in 1984, immediately rocketed the band into the world's extra class. Not that they were not known before. Their 5 previous albums are among the musical jewels but this was quite a different story. Get...
German death metal group DEBAUCHERY doesn't hold anything back when it comes to their music. They speak about blood, gore or insane bloodthirsty massacres.The band has 9 albums under their belt, which is quite the accomplishment since the band's beginning in 2000. Come watch the raw death metal show for the first time on Metalfest Open Air!Buy the festival passes on the or in the pre-sales networks Metaltix, TicketPortal, TicketPro, TicketArt, TicketStream, Plzeňská vstupenka!